Customer Testimonials


"You guys do a GREAT job. Thanks for your hard work!"

-Nanette C. 7/21/16

"I just wanted to say thank you for our box this week.  We tell everyone about how wonderful it is to have fresh organic produce delivered right to our front door.  This week's box was particularly yummy and the cantaloupe was some of the best we have ever had!!!  The produce you pack easily stays fresh for a week or sometimes longer in our fridge.  It is definitely better than what we buy at the high end local grocery store - although that is organic and good, it is not quite as fresh."

-Carrie D. 7/13/16

"We LOVED our last delivery. Thanks!"

-Maria M. 7/10/16

"I love your produce!! : )

-Laura L. 6/19/16

"The service and the veggies have been excellent overall."

-Julia D. 6/11/16

"Thank you!! We love your service!!!"

-Melanie B. 6/10/16

"By the way, we love the fresh produce. It has taken the guess work out of what to prepare. I just use up what we receive."

-Kari C. 5/23/16

"Your customer service is tops!"

-Cindy N. 5/3/12

"The variety is fantastic. I'm trying things I've never had before (like kohlrabi) and loving it! Even my kids are buying into."

-Anthony G. 4/27/12

"Just got my first box and wanted to say that I really was impressed with the varitry and quality of the produce. Thank you for making such good selections for me. I used another company in the past, and was not impressed with the quality. It looked like left-overs from a farmers market. If you keep up bringing me vegtables and fruit like I would pick myself: you will have a customer for a long time!"

-Elizabeth B. 4/26/12

"Great service. The variety, quality and customer service are all top-notch. Highly recommended."

-Shawn T. 4/4/12

"Just got my first box. Everything looks great! Can't wait to get in the kitchen and try out the recipe for warm frisee salad from your newsletter. Thanks!"

-Alexandria S. 3/15/12

"I love how you include all these great ideas in the newsletter and on your facebook page. They're always simple (which is great) and so good too. I haven't tried a bad one yet!"

-Samantha A. 2/27/12

"So I got this weird looking thing in my box yesterday...couldn't figure out what it was until I finally got smart enought to look at the paper that came in the box! Turns out it was celery root. I made celery root puree and I think I'm in love! So delicious! We love you Its Organic!"

-Katrina S. 1/12/12


"Love my boxes. Every Tuesday it feels like Christmas when i come home from work."

-Barbara C. 11/15/11


"I used to use (the competition), but I canceled because they always brought me stuff that was going bad. It's Organic wins hands down! Everything's fresh and if you ever have a problem with anything, they don't hesitate to do what needs to be done to make you happy. Great product, great customer service!"

-Jacqueline J 10/30/11

"Loving this service so much! Couldn't be more convenient when you have 4 little ones at home!"

-Sherry D. 10/3/11

"Now that we've gotten used to having the fresh stuff on hand, i find that im actually USING it more! funny how that happens =) thanks so much for being able to accommodate that for us, my boys absolutely LOVE our box of goodies."
-Miranda C.  9/29/11

"Box was perfect.  Love the service!"

-Mary R.  9/29/11

"I appreciate the really great customer service of It's Organic. The produce and food is great and we really like the delivery - despite having a wonderful farmer's market here in Davis."
-Robert C.   9/2/11

"Have I mentioned lately how much I love you guys? I'd hate for you to forget.  The green beans this week were SO good!"

-Miranda C.   8/27/2011

"Thanks for the delivery...The watermelon was gone in minutes. The barley salad was awesome as well :)"
-Stacey W. 8/25/11

"What a great concept! Fruits and vegetables delivered to your door and to top it off...they're organic! There has already been an uptick in the family's consumption of healthy foods since we started getting deliveries last month. Love it!" 
-Brent H.  7/26/2011 

"This is a fabulous service! We have tried other delivery services & this one wins hands down. The fruit tastes like it was just picked (the strawberries had the "fresh from a strawberry stand flavor). My kids aren't big into fruit, but loved everything we received and were anxious to know when the next delivery was on its way. THANKS so much!!!"
-Elizabeth R.   6/28/2011

"Thank you so much for the wonderful produce.  I'll be sure to pass on your services to others."
-Pamela M.   6/14/2011

"We enjoy the delivery!"
-Melissa B.   6/13/2011

"Love our produce box! We've received 3 so far and everything is wonderful!!!"
Chris K.   6/9/2011

"Your newsletter is very helpful! I'm learning to cook vegetables I wouldn't dare touch before.  My kids are eating healthier since we started receiving your boxes of fruits and vegetables.  My wife loves the weekly freebies, too.  Thank you!"
-Jerry H.    5/21/11

"We were (your competitor's) customer for years and was happy until we tried your service.  Compared side-by-side, your produce selection, variety and quality wins in every level.  Glad we have found YOU!"
-T. Family, 6/9/2011
"Got my first box, talk about FRESH!!! YUM!!! Thank you!!!!"
 -Eva C. 5/23/2011

"Was contacted today by this local organic produce delivery company .... such good quality fruits and vegetables, delivered within 3 days of harvest to ensure you get the freshest and best quality."
-Margaret G.   5/21/2011

"We liked our first box. Thank you very much. Very nicely done."  
-Travis M.    5/6/2011

"Got my box last night and will be eating healthy vegetables tonight!!! "
-Glenn J.     5/6/2011