Frequently Asked Questions

What's in the box?
A regular sized mixed box usually contains a variety of 10-12 (sometimes 13) types of fresh certified organic fruits and vegetables. The total weight can vary depending on the types of items included.

How much does a box cost and is there a delivery fee?
We offer a variety of different types of boxes that vary in price, with no additional delivery fee as long as your home is located within our current delivery zone. See the boxes available here. **CURRENT SPECIAL--$5 OFF EVERY ORDER. SIGN UP TODAY!**

What products do you deliver?
We deliver fresh 100% certified organic fruit and/or vegetables. We also deliver organic, free-range, cage-free brown and white eggs, and other organic products like coffee, pasta, honey, and grains that can be added to a produce box. Click here to see our products available for delivery. 

What areas do you deliver to?
To check if we deliver to your zipcode, visit our homepage and enter your zipcode in the "Check Availablity" box.

What if I don't see my zip code on your list?
If you're not in our delivery zone but you'd still like to receive deliveries, you may be able to receive them at your workplace, if its zip code is in our zone.

If neither your home nor workplace zip code is included on our delivery zone, don't fret! Our delivery zone is always growing, and we may be delivering to your area soon! To be added to our waiting list, please complete this form. When we start delivering in your area, we'll let you know.

Where does the produce come from? 
We try to get as much of our produce as possible from small, local organic farms. In doing so, this assures that you get the freshest and most nutritious produce possible, and that your money is staying within the communities we serve and helps in keeping small family farms operational.  That being said, we also like to provide a little variety, so we occasionally get produce from other places, such as pineapples from Hawaii, mangoes from Mexico, or other items during months where local produce is more limited. Regardless of the source, all of our produce is 100% organic. 

How much does a box serve?
One regular sized box usually lasts from one to two weeks for a small family. If you have a larger sized family, or your family eats a lot of fresh fruits and veggies, you might need one regular sized box every week. 
Have a large family or use lots of produce? Try our jumbo mixed box. It includes all the items from both our Fruit Only and Vegetable Only boxes at a discounted price. 
For singles or couples, we also offer a small box that might be a better fit. 

How do I pay?
The easiest and preferred way to pay is by credit card. That way we can easily charge your card before each delivery with minimal effort from you. 

If you prefer, we are able to accept checks or money orders under at least one of the following conditions:
  • Pay in advance: Payment must be received by our office at least 3 days prior to your scheduled delivery. You can pay by mail or, after your first delivery, leave a check for us to pick up when we deliver (paying in advance for your next delivery). 
  • Pay as you go: If you'd like to leave a check for us to pick up when we deliver (paying for that same day's delivery), you must place a valid credit card on file with us. In the case you don't leave a check and don't contact us to make arrangements, your card will be charged for the price of that delivery.
In case of declined check transaction, your account will be charged an additional $30 processing fee and normal delivery will occur.

What if I don't want something in my box? 
No problem!  Whether there are items you'd never like to receive from us or just something you don't want in a single delivery, you can always update your "Dislikes" list to customize your box. You will receive more of another item from the same delivery in lieu of the excluded item. To create or update your "Dislikes" list, just log in to your account, click Account Options, then Modify your Personal Information. Changes must be made before your delivery cut-off in order to affect the following delivery. 

What if I'm not going to be home on the day of my delivery? 
It's not necesary to be home for delivery. We will drop off the box outside your house, where you can find it when you return home. If you have a special request for where you would like your box placed, please let us know and we'd be happy to accomodate you.  

What happens on hot summer days? Or rainy days? 
We always try to leave your box under cover, and this helps protect your box in both sunny and rainy weather. You can also leave us a cooler by your door that we can place the produce in to protect from both heat and rain.

What if I live in an apartment, gated community or secure building?
You can provide us with either a key or code that can get us in or arrange for an office/manager person to buzz us in. We can also leave your produce in the office until you can pick it up. It may even be possible to have your box delivered to your workplace or a neighbor's, friend's, or family member's house. Please contact us and we'll figure something out. We'll find a way to get you your produce!

What do I do if I need to skip a delivery for any reason?
Going on vacation, business trip, whatever?  No problem! Just log in to your account before your delivery cut-off and click "Skip Deliveries." Enter the date range during which you don't want to receive deliveries and click save. (Please note, you must set this up prior to the cut-off for the first delivery you want to skip)

What if I want to cancel?
Since you are not under contract, you may cancel at any time by calling our office at (916) 905-2212. Please note-cancellations must be made before your delivery cut-off. See our terms and conditions for more info.  

When do I get my first delivery?
The date of your first delivery depends on a few factors, like what area you live in and when we receive your info. When you place your order, you will be given a choice of a delivery date within the next four available delivery dates for your area. See our delivery schedule to determine your delivery day.

What if I refer your service to someone else?
We appreciate your referrals greatly. As a way of saying thanks, we would like to offer one free regular box for every customer you refer to us. Please remind your friends and family to let us know who sent them our way so that we can thank you properly. 

What if I'm not satisfied with something in my box?
If for any reason you're not satisfied with the produce you received, please don't hesitate to let us know and we will gladly replace it in your next box. You can email us at or call us at 916-905-2212.

What do I do with the used produce box?
Please fold the used produce box and leave it outside on the day of your delivery and we will pick it up when we bring your new box of fresh produce.
What are the terms and conditions of the service?
Click here to see our terms.
Still have unanswered questions? Please contact us and we'd be happy to answer them.