Office Delivery Service



It's Organic! provides a convenient way to replace those unhealthy processed foods available in most workplaces with 100% organic fruits delivered right to your office! We offer a diverse selection of seasonal fruits throughout the year for your employees to enjoy.


  • Enjoy the pure convenience of receiving the best organic fruits, delivered straight to your office. Each office delivery is filled with easy-eating fruits only.


Each box is packed with a variety of organic fruit that your employees will love.



Customize your delivery schedule for what works best for your office. Receive automatic deliveries weekly or every other week, or take charge of your schedule and receive delieveries on any frequency you like.



Have employees with food allergies or simply prefer to not receive certain types of fruit? No problem! Create a list of "disliked" items in your profile and we'll substitute those items with something else. 




Service Types Available for Office Delivery:


Office Fruit Delivery-Small


Office Fruit Delivery-Medium


Office Fruit Delivery-Large


Office Fruit Delivery-Jumbo


Join us and help create a healthier work environment for your employees today!